Peppermint with Hemp Seed Oil
Peppermint with Hemp Seed Oil Peppermint with Hemp Seed Oil
$9.95 AUD

Hemp seed oil is described as having a smell of 'freshly cut grass', and is a great non-clogging oil that is packed with fatty acids and has anti-inflammatory benefits.

Peppermint Oil contains Menthol, which creates a cooling sensation on the skin and the Australian peppermint gum tree is an Australian native which grows upto 30 metres tall and has peppermint flavoured leaves. The leaves are used as a bush tucker and added to foods for their minty taste, yet the oil is good for tired muscles and when inhaled can assist in mental fatigue.


Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, Spring Water, Lye, Hemp seed oil, Essential oil, Dried Peppermint Leaf

Note: As each bar is handcut the shape and appearance may differ from what is shown in the picture, however all bars weigh approx 180g.

For longer lasting soap, please keep your bars dry and in a well drained position in-between uses and away from direct streams of running water

  • Palm Oil Free
  • All bars are handmade and weigh approx 180g
  • Made with Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Natural Clays & Essential Oils
  • No Artificial Fragrances or Colours
  • No preservatives or sulphates
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Made using the cold processed method with each bar taking 4-6 weeks to cure
  • Packaging is a recycled card banner label made with biodegradable inks & sticker