NEW Active Body Deodorant Powder
NEW Active Body Deodorant Powder NEW Active Body Deodorant Powder
$14.95 AUD

NEW Active Body Deodorant Powder 50gm

Earths Purities NEW Deodorant Powder is designed to go anywhere where there is moisture on the body.

You will still sweat naturally but you will remain odour free and the powder will absorb the moisture after you stop sweating

Easy to use and especially great for men with keeping the groin area odour free

Designed to put on the armpits, groin, feet, bottom and folds on the body. Anywhere that needs moisture control and deodorising. 

Eco Friendly and cruelty free.

Great for sensitive skin with NO Bicarbonate Soda. Completely natural formula packaged in a fully compostable paper packaging

Product Description

Earths Purities Active Body Deodorant is a completely natural formula.


Australian Bentonite clay, food grade diatomaceous earth, Non-nano zinc oxide, bergamot essential oil, sweet orange essential oil, cocos nucifera extract (coconut) and cedarwood essential oil 

To use: Simply remove sticker from the top and shake onto fingertips. Apply to areas needing moisture control and deodorising such as armpits, groin, feet, bottom and skin folds. Apply after a shower or even after exercising to freshen up

Do not apply to areas with rash or broken skin. If irritation occurs, please remove with water and discontinue use.