Loofah + Mitts
Loofah + Mitts Loofah + Mitts Loofah + Mitts
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Love, Loofah plant, Earth, Air, Water

The Loofah is a natural exfoliator taken from the fibrous interior of the loofah plant, a member of the cucumber family.

Natural & completely biodegradable they are perfect for your zero-waste journey either in the bathroom or the kitchen!
Lightweight, they make excellent travel buddies & dry quickly when drained off - a good shake will do!

Grown from the Earth & will return to the Earth when you have finished with it.

Choose from the plain Loofah which has a handy cotton rope to hang it or the mitt, a slender handheld mitt with cotton backing

For the Body
The perfect alternative to Plastic mesh poofs or exfoliating mitts that over time shed plastic fibres down the drain & out into our Ocean, yuck!
A sustainable Vegan alternative to Sea sponges these babies have a natural exfoliating scrub to them, perfect for a little Self-care in the shower or bath.
Use with your favorite bar soap to remove dead skin, promote circulation & leave your skin super soft.

Household Cleaning
Not only are these great on the skin they also make fabulous cleaning sponges!
Ues in place of Plastic scrubbers in the kitchen or as a scrubber in the bathroom & shower tiles

When your loofah has come to the end of its life pop it in your compost, worm farm or dig a hole in the dirt & bury it.