Happi Earth Refill Bottle (Empty) - 1 Bottle
$14.98 AUD

The Happi Earth Refill Bottle is designed to be used with your Happi Earth laundry liquid refill pouches.

Simply pour your Happi Earth laundry liquid into the refill bottle and use two pumps in each wash.

Buying washing liquid in bulk helps to save on plastic (the average household gets through 13 bottles of liquid detergent each year) but that doesn’t mean you have to heave a cumbersome pouch out from below the sink each time you put the washing machine on. Use your stainless steel refill bottle and make life easier, environmentally kinder and Happier!


Volume: 330ml (we recommend filling to approximately 70%).
Just 2 pumps per standard wash load (approx 8kg). 
Seriously, just two pumps...as there is no unnecessary water or fillers added.