Eye Duo Set
Eye Duo Set Eye Duo Set
$15.00 AUD

This double sided Eye Duo Set has four brush heads condensed onto two handles, freeing up space in your makeup bag and making new eye looks a breeze! 

Shade & Define Brush: Apply shadow all over the lid with the shading brush then flip it over and use the defining brush to add eyeliner and depth to the eyes. 

Blend & Smudge Brush: Blend shadow to eliminate harsh lines with the blending brush, and use the smudge brush to create soft definition along the lash line.

The bristles are made from soft, cruelty-free bristles - synthetic Taklon fibres which are 100% vegan.

The handcrafted handle is from sustainable Bamboo.

The metal ferrules are from recycled aluminium.

The brush box packaging is also eco-friendly; from sustainable and biodegradable FSC-certified cardboard, printed with natural soy ink, compostable "bioplastic" cornstarch windows and solvent-free water-based adhesives.

Responsibly & ethically sourced

100% Vegan and PETA Cruelty-Free Approved