Eucalyptus Euphoria
Eucalyptus Euphoria Eucalyptus Euphoria Eucalyptus Euphoria Eucalyptus Euphoria
$9.95 AUD

Using natural eucalyptus oil this soap works wonderfully with a hot steamy shower to help with coughs and colds. Combined with olive oil and macadamia oil, it is naturally disinfecting and deeply moisturising.

Our all natural, handmade soaps have been carefully crafted to cleanse skin of impurities without the use of harsh ingredients like parabens and sulphates that are known to be drying and irritating. Instead, we use high-grade Australian plant oils that leave skin clean and moisturised thanks to our slow-set soap making methods that maintain the healing properties of the oils.

Our scented products are fragranced using pure essential oils, which means you can experience full aromatic bliss without the stress of skin irritating perfumes! We are certified cruelty free and we do not use palm oil, making every one of our products vegan friendly! Each piece is cut by hand to 100g and sent to you using recycled and recyclable packaging.

Skin Type: Tired and aging skin

Benefits: Derived from a native Aussie tree, eucalyptus oil offers many topical and aromatic benefits, it is great for coughs, colds, muscle stiffness and has natural antiseptic qualities. Combined with macadamia oil this soap is also wonderful at restoring smoothness and vibrance to tired and aging skin.

Ingredients : Saponified olive oil, saponified macadamia oil & eucalyptus oil.