BioBag Compostable Freezer Bags 6L - 20 Bags
$5.25 AUD

BioBag Compostable Freezer Bags can hold up to a whopping six litres of food and this roll contains 20 bags. They're perfect for storing large amounts of food that can then be safely placed in the fridge or freezer until you’re ready to use it. All without the use of bulky, plastic food containers.

Once you’ve finished with your BioBag, you can then use it to collect up vegetable peelings and food scraps either for use in your compost heap, or for collection in your food waste bin.

They break down completely in compost conditions and leave behind zero microplastics or toxic residues. Perfect for any green household!

It contain NO microplastics and can be returned to the earth as compost, water and CO2 in a composting environment with no toxic residues.