Small Actions = Big Change

1 million disposable cups end up in landfill every minute.

8+ million tonnes of plastic enter our water ways each year.

300 million tons of plastic produced annually, with 91% not recycled.

39000 disposable cups used by coffee drinkers during their lifetime

But together, we can fix this urgent crisis now. Small decisions like choosing a plastic free product, using reusable bags, recycling scraps of plastic, saying no to disposable plastic can all make a huge difference for the future of our mankind. Our top picks include reusable alternatives that can help you avoid the most common types of single-use plastic


We ship completely plastic free. Everything is 100% recyclable and 100% compostable.

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Two Things That You Should Never Throw Out – Choose Green Alternatives

Plastic bags and bottles mean nothing but bad news for the environment, but you can help the strain on the Earth by choosing green alternatives from NatureTick. We Australians live in a vast, beautiful nation, but sadly, we're rapidly filling it with landfill. Indeed, a report published by the Australian...

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Plastics Make Us Fat, Depressed, and Infertile

By Kate Nelson aka @PlasticFreeMermaid THE PLASTICS AWAKENING I quit plastics because the ocean is my playground, my temple, and an extension of my self-identity. Eleven years ago, I learned that plastic doesn’t break down, but instead it flows out into the waterways where it breaks up into millions of microscopic pieces...

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Composting huh?

COMPOSTING Education about Composting Anaerobic (without oxygen): decomposition that is often called fermentation or putrefaction. It is usually accompanied by the release of methane or the foul odor of hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell). Anaerobic decomposition occurs slowly and little heat is generated. Aerobic (with oxygen): a naturally occurring process in nature...

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